Applications and data science that generate insight and streamline business processes

Technology capabilities

Extensive experience and varied technical expertise in the Open Source stack technologies

Proprietary applications

Task Management, Timesheet & Expense Management applications and Data Analytics

Bespoke technical solutions

Cutting edge solutions tailored to your specific business needs

Technology capabilities

Aurum Info Solutions is a premium organization that specializes in data science and business oriented IT solutions. With expertise in multiple domains and varied technologies in the Open Source Stack, the Aurum team is positioned to deliver the best fit solutions.

Platform Capabilities

We develop using a range of open source software stack, frameworks and platforms. Development stack is decided based on client requirements, project propensity and platform support. Based on product requirements we use Google’s Geolocation APIs, Google Places API, Facebook API, Twitter API or other APIs. We create software using SOA architecture (REST) that allows us to integrate easy with other systems. We use Python, PHP for data projects and some web scrapping requirements are handled using Selenium. Most of messaging requirements are handled with MailChimp, Dotmailer and Pushwoosh services. There are several Cloud, Mobile and Containers that we work with regularly like, AWS, Azure, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Phonegap, Jenkins and Docker. Our expertise with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Couchbase and Mongo DB databases give us the comfort to work on transactional software projects and big data projects.

Proprietary applications


Aurum Info Solutions’ proprietary Timesheet, Leave and Expense management system

Chrontrac streamlines the process of timesheet, leave and expenses management (including management approval). Our proprietary system can be integrated with your existing IT structure, accessed via your desktop and mobile devices and offers a comprehensive reporting and analysis which we can tailor to your specific needs. For more information and a demonstration of Chrontrac, please visit


Manage and analyse workflow

TikTrac is Aurum’s proprietary agile task management tool. The system can be tailored to your needs and integrated with your existing systems and processes. This application, accessible through desktop and mobile devices streamlines workflows from ticket creation through to ticket closure including assigning tasks, recording customer interactions and taking feedback. Tiktrac delivers detailed reporting and analysis to enable you to refine processes and systems, making you more efficient and improving customer service


Data Analytics Engine

Our data analytics engine ERUDAT provides the structure to deliver complex data projects efficiently. You or the third party develop a hypothesis; and identify the data sources that we need to work with. We will then work with you to validate the data before moving to the data enrichment stage where it is transformed into a meaningful defined object with relationships. The process is iterative and we work closely with you (or the relevant third parties) to test the hypotheses, model different scenarios, discover unknown connections and the outputs are available in Excel or via the Web dashboards

Bespoke technical solutions

"We are experts in software engineering and data science. Our projects don’t happen in isolation – we deliver them in
partnership either directly with you or with third party consultants chosen by you or recommended by us.
Whether we are working directly with you or through a third party the roles remain the same."


Using open source stack we are able to develop a variety of software applications that tie into your existing IT systems and business processes. Common bespoke applications support internal functions and tasks including: accounting, CRM, document management, human resources, logistics, manufacturing, productivity, project management, sales and stock management.

Oversized Excel workbook with complex formulas, enormous Pivot tables and hard to manage macros consumes huge amount of time to access. We can transform these time consuming nightmares into an easy to use system and migrate the complex Excel Analytics models to a secure and robust Web platform. Our engineers can make it a systematic, flexible, reusable, easy to maintain and user friendly Web platform that is accessible from anywhere securely.

Big Data

Big Data describes datasets so large they become very difficult to manage with traditional database tools. We use Cloud, NoSQL and Distributed processing in our solutions to manage the huge pile of data we need to process and produce outputs that can be further analysed using Excel or online web tool.

It is often a tedious task to analyze large-scale dataset, which is coming from disparate sources and in mostly unstructured manner. Once the data is brought into a data store, it would need clean up, transformation, enrichment and visualization. From there it is easy to connect the dots, derive insights and explore hypotheses. We have developed several bespoke applications ranging from online data analytics from Excel models to predictive analysis for various business scenarios.

Our Approach


We work directly with clients who have the internal capabilities to articulate and manage their projects. Where you don’t have the internal capabilities we have our trusted partners JMan Consulting who consult with you to deliver the project. Our partners' strategy consultants, specialize in deriving results to complex business problems by delivering simple solutions. We bring IT engineering expertise to define, develop and deploy the solution. Where there is a requirement for manual intensive effort like to gather information or consolidate large volumes of data, we have the right, cost effective team Imitor Graphica to provide the necessary support. Thus we bring in our collective specialized skills to tailor a solution that is simple yet powerful


We organize and deliver quality software products in an Agile manner using a variety of tools. We work with the tools of your choice or the ones best suited to the project needs. We understand that communication between the product/project owners, the consulting partners and the development team is key to the success of any project. Following the Agile methodology ensures that all key players stay connected and up to date on the project progress. The metrics and other measures that we capture help us monitor the project health and feeds back on improvements. This whole process brings in a level of transparency that ensures a whole new level of understanding between the client and development teams

We follow strict Information security guidelines based on ISO 27001, supported by our comprehensive IT security infrastructure. The team is regularly trained and updated on the security policies and confidentiality clauses

Case Study


We employ and nurture data scientists and software engineers, individuals with a business mind-set who have expertise in multiple programming platforms. We always endeavour to encourage people with initiative and creativity and not just maintain prevailing architecture. If you love to convert your ideas into commercially viable software solutions, if you are passionate about technology, if you are intrigued by data and how it can be transformed into information, then you are welcome to drop in with your resume!

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2. Software Engineer

3. QA Analyst

4. Project Manager

5. Software Engineer - IOS

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